Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qapsula?

Qapsula is a unique telehealth web platform, where consulting from a wide range of medical specialists is provided online. Choose a doctor you are intended to consult and make a convenient appointment with qualified specialist.

Why would I use Qapsula instead of attending a health center?

Qapsula provide our clients with an opportunity to receive medical consultations without leaving their own house, without any queues and waiting for the available work hours of physicians. Even being away from the city or while in a trip you can feel secure and safe about your health with Qapsula. Qapsula is also advantageous for those, whose health condition doesn`t allow long distance transportations if no health centers are located nearby.

Of what use can Qapsula be for me, if I already have a diagnosis and a threatment plan?

Whenever feeling health condition worsening you are free to contact our doctors for the therapy correction and long-term recommendations. If you are not entirely convinced with the diagnosis from your family physian, an opportunity to double-check it is possible with a consultation of qualified specialist in the preferable field of medicine.

What information can I submit to my personal profile?

Results of laboratory tests, US, CT, MRI scans, as well as photos of skin disease manifestations can be submitted. The more comprehensive and recent your information will be, the more full and up-to-date recommendations will be given.

Is it secure to submit my personal information and medical records to Qapsula?

All your data is securely encrypted by our system and is available only to doctors. We are legally responsible for the safety of your personal data.

How much does a video-call cost?

Price is set by each doctor individually. Same with duration. It includes a discussion, review of all available lab & instrumental tests and based on the results recommendations regarding further analyses and treatment plan.

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